09 July, 2009

Twitter Taste Live - What the heck is it?

Do you know what social media savvy winos are doing for fun these days? It is called Twitter Taste Live. What is that you ask? Twitter Taste Live, or #ttl as it is known on Twitter, is the premier website for live wine and liquor tastings done simultaneously across the country and sometimes across the world. Basically, you are tasting wine and tweeting about it live. All you need to tweet is a twitter account (www.twitter.com), an internet connection, the wines for the tasting and an opinion. It is a new twist on wine-tasting and makes for a great party.

This Saturday, July 11th, we will be tasting and tweeting live the ethereal wines of St. Supery Vineyards and Winery of Napa Valley. Our very own Luscious Lush Thea Dwelle(@winebratsf) will be co-hosting the event with St. Supery winemaker Michael Scholz (@mrwinemaker). If you can't do at your own place you can participate at the Jug Shop in San Francisco, or the Roger Smith Hotel in NYC.

So go ahead and sign up at www.twittertastelive.com. It is a great way to try some new wines and learn about them, while having a drunken revelry with your fellow winos! What could be more fun??? Join us!


Ashley Lauren said...

I love the Twitter Taste Live. We did one from Minneapolis last February from the Ritz Theater during the premier of Merlove.
Good luck and I really like your blog.

Xandria said...

Thank you, Ashley. Maybe we will see you on TwitterTasteLive sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Twitter taste live is so much fun! We did one here in London for spanish wines with twitters in SPain, great fun! Be sure to twitpic aplenty!

Lesley Keffer Russell said...

You Chix are awesome! Thank you for attending Saturday's event - how was the bacon?

Xandria said...

Thank you, Leslie. See you on the 18th at Dollarhide!

Hi Sleuth! Did you watch the proceedings of the TTL? Lots of good wine!