12 February, 2010

Stomping Girl - Artisan Pinot Noirs

Balloons were definitely in order as the release of Stomping Girl's 2008 Lone Oak and Split Rock Pinot Noirs was a celebration.  We had gone to pre-release last year and have been waiting ever since.  Now in a larger space near Fourth Street in Berkeley, it was so fun to see Uzi and Kathryn (and like 100 other Stomping Girl enthusiasts) and even more fun to taste the final product.

'08 Stomping Girl, Pinot Noir, Lone Oak, Santa Lucia Highlands, California.  Yum!  This pinot has the delightful nose coaxed from the tasty fruit of the warm, yet breezy Santa Lucia Highland area. I got a lot of ripe fruit in the aromas.  An lovely well balanced acidity when I tasted it.

'08 Stomping Girl, Pinot Noir, Split Rock, Sonoma Coast, California.  Sassier aromas with more spice and red fruit.  Different textures, but still delicious.  I got more cherry, softer, fuller mouthfeel in this Pinot expression.  Delicious Sonoma Coast character. 

Between the two, I couldn't decide, so I grabbed both!  With small production artisan pinots, get while the getting is good! I always say.
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Kathryn said...

Liza, so glad you could join us that day!

jodi said...

I was searching the internet to try and find a wine I recently had and loved, the 2007 seriously pinot, and saw your review. Cost plus doesn't carry anymore of this, and I'm wondering if you know how to get a hold of it or where I can find it! It was so good!!! if you can help please email me jodilinder@comcast.net


BrixChick_Liza said...

Thanks, Kathyrn! My thanks are to you (and Uzi) for the wonderful hospitality and for continuing to make the yummy, yummy Pinots that I love!!!

BrixChick_Liza said...

That "Seriously Good" Pinot Noir sounds, well...serioulsy good. Serioulsy! I went to my go to sites and could not find it. However, the Stomping Girl Pinot I reviewed is readily available from Stomping Girl if you follow the link. Another wine you might like is the Hahn SLH Pinot Noir. Check a site called vinquire.com; they have a helpful app to help you locate wine in your area or online. Thanks for reading!
PS: To BrixChick Xandria--thanks for holding out on us!!!
PPS: I'll be over later in the week to rifle through your cellar trying to snarf any reaming bottles out