07 April, 2013

Euclid Wines - Get on this allocation list now

Please join us in welcoming our newest Brix Chick Chef Michele! She is a professionally-trained chef who is a whiz at pairing wine and food. Michele also knows a thing or two about Chardonnay and Napa Cabernets so please read her posts to learn and laugh.

I recently spent a wild and wine soaked week for my birthday in Napa with sister BrixChick, Xandria. We made some amazing discoveries that I would love to share with our readers.

In a local restaurant, I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Farmer and his son Lucas of Euclid Wines  After over 30 years in the wine business making primarily high-end cabernet blends Mike and his son became partners and made their first wine, 2009 Euclid Cabernet Sauvignon (84% cabernet sauvignon, 1.5% petite verdot, 10% cab franc, 4.5%merlot). This is a gorgeous, luxurious wine with a smooth, luscious texture. The fruit aromas on the nose are of black currant, bing cherry and the barrels add milk chocolate, caramel and vanilla. It has brilliant, silky tannins and lovely, long complex finish. An alluring wine with well integrated tannins that has everything a Napa Cab drinker wants and more. Yes, I'm in love!!!! Next time you are in Napa Valley, stop at Brix restaurant it's on the wine list.

I recently enjoyed this wine with friends (birthday dinner number #10) on a warm Saturday evening with my last piece of fois gras pate that was layered with black truffles and grilled chateaubriand. The steak had been marinated in soy sauce, garlic, red wine and fresh herbs for 2 days and was cooked perfectly rare. There was a side of mini yukon gold potatoes that had been boiled in water that was permeated with bay leaves and then tossed with olive oil that had be infused with fresh herbs. The char on the steak and herbaceousness of the potatoes paired extremely well with the Euclid cabernet.

Because this was a birthday dinner for me born under the sign of Leo, you should know that luxury and extravagance will always be found. Those of you that have Leo's in your life are aware that there can never be too much opulence or indulgence when it comes to a celebration..... which brings to the second spectacular wine that we had with this meal 1998 Dalla Valle. www.dallavallevineyards.com This is a small family owned winery that was established in 1986 in the eastern hills of Oakville. The area has excellent sun exposure and cool marine breezes that is the perfect environment for growing some of best cabernet grapes in CA. The 1998 Dalla Valle is a mostly cabernet with a small amount of cabernet franc and aged in 50% to 60% new french oak barrels. This was a cool vintage which did not deliver the intensity of fruit as other vintages of the decade but I barely noticed it with this wine. There was an aroma of black currants on the nose and tobacco and cassis on the palate. It was the perfect wine to serve to my friends that only drink wines from Bordeaux. I loved it!

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