06 April, 2013

Cornology - new on Bay St

Ok so now Emeryville officially has everything you need for epic movie snack smuggling. We have long had Tea Cake for cupcakes, Sugar for candy (yes Target too if you are street like me) and Jodi Moroni for hot dogs.

Two weeks ago Cornology opened with their delightful popcorn cones. Using family recipes and techniques,  they are serving classics like Cheddar but also interesting savories like Truffle Parmesan. Maybe not as decadent as my recipe but neater and easier to carry. Their sweet corn is a riff on kettle corn using light sugar, while the Logemann's Caramel has the enticing lure of brown sugar.Two cones for $5.95? Perfect for sneaking into the movies! Now your dentist has likely warned you of the dangers of stray kernels. Whatever! Fling caution to the wind to try this tasty treat!  Of course it pairs perfectly with our favorite movie bootleg treat, Sofia Minis in a can And of course our Emeryville Bevmo has got you covered.  At $15.99 for four, less than popcorn at the theater!  Just kidding AMC Bay Street, we love you.
5645 Bay Street

1 comment:

Xandria said...

Oh my God, this place sounds so cornylicious! Can't wait to sneak them into the movies.