05 April, 2013

Vinho Verde Sangria: A refreshing Spring treat #VinhoVerde

This Easter our friend Jaime threw down a fun challenge: Create your own Easter Bonnet. You can see below, though my handmade cookie flowered bonnet won in two categories ( tallest and best handmade) Ashley and Marina tied the popular vote. [note to self: give out cookie samples before the voting!]

Having spent a lot of time constructing, I didn't want to slack on the libations. But who had the time?

Vinho Verde to the rescue!

I had a sample of the lovely  Famega Vinho Verde and a Vinho Verde sangria recipe to riff on
I could have taken another prize for best punch!
You can too It's easy:

1 bottle Vinho Verde
1 can (2 cups) ginger ale
1/2 cup Gran Marnier
1 orange thinly sliced

Mix all together in pretty pitcher.

Caves de Cerca is the producer on this.  Made from Avesso, Azal and Pederna it will help you get to your Century Club, if you are tracking that.  [Just don't count Pederna twice as its "club" name is Arinto when it jumps down south to the Bucelas region - different kind of club of course]  Before making the sangria, the wine has a light, citrusy flavor and a hint of spritz.  At only 9.5% alcohol, it fosters relaxtion.

So, sit back and relax. Really relax. You can find this for $7.99 at Weimax Wines and Spirits in Burlingame Maybe stash a couple of bottles to enjoy this gingery, citrusy treat more often?

I received this as a sample



Chicken dinner!  But the handmade category prize was a lovely wine. Booya!

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winesleuth said...

Glad to see vinho verde getting some love! Go Portugal :)