17 August, 2013

2012 Hawks View Pinot Gris - Roots in disaster. Delivering Delight!

I thought it would be a good idea to update my house by enclosing my little used porch and replacing my old fireplace. Soon, the space will be complete and fun, but the intervening days (weeks, months!) , while I live with various Dexter-like incarnations of plastic sheeting and promises, it's been , well...tough.

Lucky for me, while porch sipping glimmers in my distant future, I received a sample of wine to console me.  2012 Hawks View Cellars Pinot Gris, Oregon, USA ($26).

In the glass, I saw a lovely color of clear yellow with a gold cast, with aromas of stone fruit, cara cara and love.  The flavors had similar notes sprinkled with shortbread crumbs.  Meaning it had some autolytic notes and a touch of nuttiness.  The texture was delicious.  I consumed it over three days and it remained sprightly,
matching with Asian food, sandwiches and #thebitchelorette.

 Reading the notes I saw that the wine is aged on the lees to express the winemaker's intention of balancing a nice acidity with a rich mouthfeel.  Perfect!

Pinot Gris is related to our fave Pinot Noir,  Pinot Gris is a white grape but can have a darker or pinker shade than its other cousin, Pinot Blanc.  All of these have a pinconey shape to their clusters.  Thus the name as "pinot" means pinecone in French.  It is known in Italy as Pinot Grigio, still means grey, where the style of winemaking and climate make it come out differently.

Whenever I see Pinot Gris on an American label I get happy, because my connotation of the variety is tasty, balanced and super food friendly.  I have been disappointed, but definitely not with Hawks View. This wine was delicious!

Hawks View Cellars uses estate grown  fruit in Oregon's  Chehalem Mountains  It's a lovely place today that was  formed by geographic turmoil.  We're talking floods, volcanoes, Californians.   But every prehistoric disaster that befell the area, now contributes to the delicious flavors uncovered by the dedicated folks who honor the land by producing succulent wines with a taste of place.

 Xandria is dying to go there since we have found quite a few producers of exceptional wine in this area.  I agree!  And when we go it's nice to know that Alaska Airlines will let us take a case back free and has some tasting fee discounts as well.  This runs 9/10 - 11/20 But click here for more info if you are planning  your travel 

So from disaster comes delight.

I hope my home improvement project goes as well.

Something I can guarantee will go well is visiting Hawks View Cellars:
More info here:

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