29 July, 2016

Glorious Bites Appetizer Challenge - Win $5000

Oysters a la Brooke
I am here at the International Food Blogger Conference learning about all things food and blogging.  It's so much fun to meet all kinds of fascinating fellow bloggers!

Here is a public service announcement for all you food stylists on a cool opportunity to win:

Put together one beautiful perfect bite.
Write your recipe so it inspires salivation and tempts taste buds. 
Make sure it pairs with Gloria Ferrer Sparkling wine.

Last year, one of the hosts was Brooke Williamson, a Top Chef Finalist and overall kitchen badass.  I got to try her oysters a la Brooke that paired the citrus effervescence of Gloria Ferrer with salty chorizo and briny oysters.  So delicious. Truly a glorious bite!

Details on entering here Click here for more details

Brooke in action

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