28 July, 2016

Arnaud Saget on Saget-La Perriere: Wines for All Seasons

Photo Credit Saget -Laperriere

Arnaud Saget, General Manager for Saget - La Perrière has experienced the world in the context of wine in a way that is informative  and delicious.  Speaking as eloquently on "chimerized marl", the vagaries of by-the-glass programs, marketing and AOC cheese, the conversation was as inspiring as the wine is delicious. His background, from University in Burgundy to working in Ireland, as well as his experience working with his family's business sparked the conversation.  Arnaud's passion for marketing and wine draws from a spirit of hospitality marinated in tradition,

At $11.99 this Suavignon Blanc is for ll seasons
For nine generations, the Saget family has worked to bring wines of the Loire Valley to life and to your table.  They grow fruit as well as contract with growers to foster relationships that results in tasty wines at many price points.  Their explorations even include creative cellaring practices of aging Sauvignon Blanc ten meters deep to see if the silent depths would enhance the flavors.  Spoiler alert: it does.

Arnaud's parents had a contemporary vision of how to arrange their efforts to produce wines of consistency and excellence across price points.  Leveraging the Vin de France designation, they further this philosophy by working with growers to maintain consistency and supply as well as deliver great value to consumers.

Deliciousness counts.  The La Petite Perriere line of wines brings the consistent sourcing and textures of the Languedoc region to blend with fruit from the Loire Valley, which alone can get too grassy. The Vin de France  designation rules on labelling make it easier for non-French consumers by using varietal names. The Saget family's deft hand with vinification makes it even easier to love.  What is value without great taste?
The rose of Pinot Noir has a smooth summery taste with floral notes and is the most beautiful shade of pink.  The Sauvignon Blanc had a lovely texture and was an amazing match with oysters.  I was amazed by the value these bottles provided.  The average retail price is about $13. Wine.com will bring it to you for only $11.99

Muscadet with Oysters
Brixchicks have always loved the Flagship Saget product.  You can read Xandria's take on the 2011 Pouilly Fume here  le-domaine-saget-pouilly-fume. Arnuad spoke of the soil and geology that goes into producing the wine.,  The 2012 was a bright lemon yellow with rich leesy notes and strong minerality .  The texture was smooth.  It was lovely to revisit a favorite wine with "director's Notes" from the producer.

I also flipped over  two of the other wines.  Saget purchased the Loiret Frères Company located in Le Pallet, in the heart of the Muscadet Sèvre & Maine AOC. They now offer this 100% Melon de Bourgogne based wine.  With a lovely texture and amazing aromas of tree fruit and white flowers I slurped this lush treat with oysters.

100 % Cabernet Franc Chinon
My favorite red wine was the Marie de Beauregard Chinon 2014.  Cabernet Franc grapes are coaxed into this luscious wine.  The winemaker takes care to avoid vegetal notes.  The finished wine has perfumey notes of vanilla and ambergris along with touches of berry and eucalyptus.  It was a delicious complex wine.

I also loved hearing the story of the family and they way they work to produce and market these wonderful wines.  Arnaud's passion for wine, marketing and quality made for a fun way to learn about the Loire and French wine in the best way possible: through the flavors.

Best of all, these wines are perfect for any time of year, which is convenient here in the Bay area, when the weather cannot decide if it will be hot or cold.  These wines go with both.

Many thanks to Pasternak Imports and Saget-LaPerriere for hosting me at lunch.
Saget La Perriere wines, Arnaud Saget and a delicious fun lunch

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