18 July, 2008

I've got the Botrytis!

Luckily it's a good thing! Who knew this whole "noble rot" thing would produce such amazing wine? Not usually being one for the sweet wine, and not liking the pix I saw in the fabulous Karen McNeil's The Wine Bible of seriously skanky grapes looking like the worst of days in the back of the fridge, I was seriously resolved to avoid anything that sounded like "Sauterne" despite the lyrical praised heaped on the process by my new hero, Karen McNeil. But of course, the very next day while at a wine tasting at K&L Liquors in San Francisco, there it was! The knowledgeable lady who was pouring was promoting "Yap. Yap. Yap. Botrytis..." Additionally it was packaged in the most irresistible gold leafed, laser cut, Parisian-looking-Metro- font-embossed crystal bottle...well, you know me and pretty labels... (like a moth to cashmere people!)Trying not to think of the moldy, rotten grapes, I swallowed. Gulp. The heavens opened, the angels sang, etc., etc.

I caught the Botrytis.

Which says a lot that I'm writing about the Dolce when she also poured a Nickel and Nickel Chardonnay, a Far Niente Chardo, a nice Nickel and Nickel Merlot and a heavenly Far Niente Cab Blend. http://www.farniente.com/


That Dolce had me at hello. Its honeyed sweetness swished to the very doorstep of cloying, then batted its eyelashes..."Hello..." Add that to its silky texture, honey color and fabulous bottle. You have to try it!
Later, at nearby restaurant South, I squealed when I found a delightful southern hemisphere Botrytis under the category "Stickies". It rocked! Unfortunately carried away by my share of an exceptional GSM (lush color and mouthfeel bursting with blackberries and leather) Pikes from the Clare Valley in Australia, I forgot to write down anything. Paired with the Roaring 40's blue cheese...again, the angels sang. Now, that I have the Botrytis, I'm finding it everywhere. Including Solano Cellars, where I had another great example which they paired masterfully with a fresh bruleed peach. This...wine...makes...dessert....better. Who would have thunk?http://www.solanocellars.com/

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