04 July, 2008

Let's get Twisted! @#$%^

Can you say, "Expletive Deleted?" One reason I can think to say this is that the wine is so #$%^% good! The sense of fun that owners Jeff and Mary Stai bring to their winery is rivalled only by the way they back it up with quality and hospitality! Even before you reach the winery, there is an up swell of playfulness as you read the cool signs. I had heard about the rubber chickens, but laughed out loud at the scale! Too hysterically funny! We were lucky enough to be invited by a friend who is a wine club member. This event made me re-think (and cancel!) some of the other wine clubs I'm in as these guys know who how put on a party and put up some wine! We were lucky enough to try a plethora of library wines and treated to the most amazing pit barbecue that included brisket, turkey , chicken and goat! as well as tasty sides and yummy desserts. This was literally heaven. Decorated in a casual elegant fun way, the table were beautiful! Since we got there a little early there was time to sneak in a few samples as well as get in a little shopping. Feast your eyes on Jeff E-Coli! He squeaks! So did I when I got my little mitts on the awesome wine. Starting with the whites, one of my favorites that I rarely see, Marsanne. Delicious! I wish I hadn't lost my notes! I started at one end of the display and worked my way all the way down. While I really liked the Tempranillo, I totally loved the Syrah and Petite Sirahs! Yes, you can see, we all got TWISTED!

It was super fun! For more info:

Eventually, we had enough of too much of everything. After a bunch of coffee and a double check that I could touch my nose, toes, do the Hokey Pokey on one foot, then the other, I picked up my car keys and went back to the blasting of the swamp cooler at our motel, happy to have unlocked the mystery of Murphys. Picturesque, smart and elegant with a small town feel and big city accouterments. We tasted a lot of good wine in fun environs and came away with a sense of what the rocky soil and full blasting sun (as well as the proximity to Amador County) can produce. Tasty Zins, Fabulous Syrahs, Interesting whites and an AVA close enough to come back to again and again. From the summer glow of the Twisted Oak, I'm already wishing for a snow day!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Liza and Xandria, for making the trek to Calaveras County to get Twisted with me! And congratulations on the launch of your new blog! Huzzah!!!!