14 August, 2008

Back to my roots

I choose to “retaste” the varietal that first enslaved me to wine.

The David Bruce 2005 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir was a bottle that I just happened to have in my “cellar.” I chose it because Dr. Bruce’s Pinots are the ones that made me the Pinot Noir fan I am today, but it was not the first David Bruce Pinot that I tasted. Here is the story:

Back at the beginning of the 21st century I had an oenophile boyfriend who was submissive. As he wanted to please me he brought me on a little winery tour of the Santa Cruz Mountains which of course included David Bruce. It was there that I realized that Pinot Noir could be heavenly, elegant, and velvety. At that time we were drinking the 1999 and 2000 Pinots from Santa Cruz and Russian River which were so lovely, so well-crafted, so impressive. Submissive Steve was also quite impressive at that time:)

But to this day I wonder if it was the velvet and silk mixed with the cherry and the raspberry, the earth and the vanilla spice that enslaved me? Or was it the foot massages lovingly administered to my aching feet as I sipped the 2000 Santa Cruz Hills Pinot that brought me over the edge Pinot Noir fandom? I continue to ask myself: “Who is the real submissive?” Obviously, I am the slave to the luscious Pinot Noir. Thank you Dr. Bruce for the good memories and the good times… And, oh yeah, the David Bruce 2005 Santa Maria Valley Pinot Noir was quite good.


Anonymous said...

David Bruce could make me submissive! That wine rocks. QUintessetial California. Love it!

The Wine Brat said...

And it was SUCH a lovely wine to submit myself to...

Oh sorry, I digress!