14 September, 2008

South brings us Country Vintner and tastes of all things good Down under

If you haven;t been to South Food +Wine on Townsend near 4th in San Francisco,you simply must go! Their food, wine program and service is awesome and never, never gives me anything to snark about---and people you know i would! Today was no exception. Country Vintner put together a super line up of Australian and New Zealand wines. Serious yummy! Accompanied by Luscious Lush Thea, who as a true wine professional imposes order on the headlong careening that passes for wine tasting in my book, I felt I benefited from an orderly approach. We started with the whites and proceeded in an orderly (well, it ends ups sounding orderly on paper anyway) Here are my standouts:

Lawson's Dry Hills 2007 Sauvignon Blanc Lovely citrine color with blasts of tropical fruit including top notes of passionfruit along with balanced acidity

Longview Vineyard 2006 Shiraz "Yakko" 12 months in French Oak give this ruby beauty its fruity yet balanced character of all things good about Shiraz

Loose End 2005 GSM This stellar blend from the Barossa Valley produced a striking combo: floral fruitiness from the Grenache, muscle from the Shiraz and a dark blackberry finish like an over the top train on an Academy awards gown from my personal hero, Mourvedre brought everything to bear on this luscious wine. At $16.99- literally a bargain at twice the price! It's not that we had to dance to get more wine from wine maker Rob Dawson, its that the delightful GSM and Shiraz made us want to shake our groove things! These wines rocked!

2005 Picardy Chardonnay - Heat of southernnmost Pemberrton made a custardy rich Chardo

2004 Picardy Shiraz Made in the Rhone style, this light peppery Shiraz went down easily

Vinaceous - EVERYTHING !!!

Divine light - Verdelho

Raconteur - Cabernet

Red Right Hand - Blend

Snake Charmer - Shiraz

Mesmerizing labels like vintage circus posters, the only thing freakish about these wines is how tasty they all were!

2007 West Cape Howe Chardonnay "Unwooded" Delightful grapefruit finish with exotic citrus like whispers in a back room. Nick Stacy charmed us as much as his wine did!

I hope the Country Vintner Winemaker tour comes around again and again!

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