04 July, 2012

Updates from Petite Abeille - Delish Pinot Noir

'09 Petite Abeille, Petite Abeille Vineyard Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, California USA ($35). This wine had a seductive color, clear garnet with coppery hints. It has that delicious, RRV Pinot perfumey cherry with spiced vanilla. Flavors to match with a nice acidity and a lovely cherry kissed lingering finish. We got to chat a little with Deb Mayo who grows the grapes and makes the wine. She uses four clones to grow the fruit that shapes her final product; Calera, Pommard, Swan 828 I found her fun and informative and will certainly be on the lookout for this wonderful wine.   If you are looking for wines from amazing female producers, or just looking for wonderful wines, this should go on your list, too

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