26 July, 2008

Evolution of a Brix Chick

Visit One to Rosenblum: Too busy shopping and lunching to show up at the right time. Did not know what I was missing. Blame bad values of friend instead of self. Rushed through event in an hour. Found only scraps of cheese and empty chafing dishes. Memory of wine not able to drink due to time constraints lingers...[NOTE: Glass pic lifted from flickr only appears empty...actually half full of bitterness]

Visit Two: Older and wiser. Hanging with a better crowd (Thanks, Xandria!) Arrived in time to be dazzled by array of cheese, snacks and wine galore. Guzzled indiscriminately, however, noticed. Wow! These Zins rock

Latest visit: Most fun of all. First of all, it was a BrixChick/Luscious Lush outing and I was lucky enough to attend with Thea. More experience and savvy buddy made it easier to target and appreciate the wines oh, so much better! Unfortunately, am still a tipsy little imp and took the skimpiest of notes:

'06 Mourvedre, San Francisco Bay Love the varietal. This example had a cherry/blackberry deliciousness with a slight floral character and the normal spare, slightly bitter Mourvedre-ness that I love.

'06 Maggie's Reserve Zinfandel - Sonoma: Developed black fruit with nice vanilla and curious hints of mint

'05 Syrah Atoosa's Vineyard - Dark, beautiful syrah with rich fruit forward notes of cherry and earth

'05 Syrah England Shaw-Sonoma
06 Syrah Snows Lake Vineyard - Lake county
'06 Syrah Fran's Vineyard Reserve - Rockpile
All different---all delightful---all the notes I have are drunkenly sketched happy faces and a blissful sense of Yum!

'06 Petite Sirah Heritage Clones - San Francisco Bay
'05 Petite Sirah Rhodes Vineyard - Redwood Valley
'06 Petite Sirah Pato Vineyard - Contra Costa County
On my price sheet, these three wines had lopsided scribbles next to them that looked a little like pentagrams, but given the context, I'm thinking stars. Ah, Petite Sirah! High alcohol fire of petite sirah masterfully done to bring out lots of fruit, floral, spices, mineral aromas and flavors.

Despite the Cliff-iness of my notes, I hold the memory of kicking back in our beach chairs, dishing on the fashion victims and revelling in an afternoon of fun, wine and Tucker's Zinfandel Chip ice cream---three cones! Ice cream is low carb, right?

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The Wine Brat said...

what does it mean when the picture is lopsided?

CHEERS to good times and great zins!

Wine is more fun when it's shared ;-)