19 January, 2009

$4.99? Are you out of your mind? Review of Greenstone Point '07 Pinot Noir

'07 Greenstone Point, Pinot Noir, New Zealand. I tried this at one of the Wine Mine Saturday tastings. And after trying a sip, I scrounged till I found it. For only $4.99, it was a fun easy drinking pinot. Starting out, it had pretty aromas, plum and red fruit. The flavors were also very tasty with lots of cherry, berries and a slight tang. This wine had an interesting mouthfeel that seemed almost, right on the edge, but not quite spritzy when I first opened it. With the convenience of a screw top, I was able to recap, leave on the counter overnight, and when I revisited the wine the next day, it had smoothed out with lots more bright cherry flavors and a smoother mouthfeel. Plus, hello? QPR off the chart! For a nice, easy drinking pinot noir, this was a fabulous value. It's hard to find a glass of tasty pinot noir for that price. $4.99 is less than the tax on other pinots I have. Grab this and enjoy it right away if you find it!


RJ's Wine Blog said...

any thoughts on where to get this wine?


HP's NorCA PBM Team said...

If you are in the SF Bay Area, i got this at the Wine Mine in Oakland (www.winemineco.com) I alos like this site, www.vinquire.com, which shows a few places to source this. Good luck and thanks for your interest!

Anonymous said...

$4.99 what a steal!

Hey RJH - try this search, on my other site, Vinquire:


If you login, you can narrow your search by zip code.

Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling us about a wine that you can drink for under $5. I will look for it here in Austin, but most of the wines from NZ do not seem to make it across the Rockies.


Anonymous said...

I would be curious to see if you can find it. www.vinquire.com can help. Also, Xandria posted and intersting article on Trade Joe's with several selections around that price. I think there are TJ's in Texas? Yes? Or else, the perennial Cost Plus Imports. Alsways an interesting source. Thanks for reading!