10 March, 2009

Montecillo Wines Part 2 - Montecillo Verdemar 2008 Albarino

I was fortunate enough to attend the second round of events celebrating the wines of Montecillo in San Francisco (please see Liza's review of the first round below). It was a warm, rather small fiesta in which the conversation and camaraderie were flowing. Although the 1981 Gran Reserva Tempranillo was not available that night I did get to enjoy a pre-release of the 2008 Verdemar Albarino. The Albarino varietal comes from the Rias Baixas in the Northwest province of Galicia. The 2008 Montecillo Verdemar Albarino is 100% Albarino (12% alcohol) and 100% delicious. It is a light straw color and the nose is very fruity with aromas of mostly tropical fruit and a bit of lychee. There is an undertone of lime but there is very little minerality which is unusual for an Albarino. The mouthfeel is rich, sweet and almost creamy. I tasted tropical fruits (papaya and pineapple) on this medium-bodied elixir and after munching on the Manchego a note of peach popped on my palate. I was mesmerized by this wine. It was a diamond in a sea of rubies and it was the most popular wine that evening. Like Liza said we have to wait until May for the release but it is defintely worth the wait. Look for it at SavMart and Safeway, or from Underdog Importers.

Also, I would like to thank winemaker Maria Martinez- Sierra for her warmth and hospitality, Janet Kafka, igourmet.com for the delicious meats and cheeses, and Lori of Underdog Importers for putting on a wonderful party!


Rob Bralow said...

I think what I left off my post about the Montecillo tasting I attended was how well they are doing in targeting bloggers to join them for these tastings.

Anonymous said...

Xandria---THanks g=for calling out the Albarino. ROcked mhy world with low alcohol delish delight! May 1st! BrixChicks need to get us some Mongtecillo Albarino...PLUSD I prderes some of the '81,,,soe get on my calendar

Anonymous said...

I miss Cin-Cin! held a wine dinner there once.