23 February, 2010

BIODYNAMIC and the story of Liza, the Wine Cougar

Well, it's not exactly what you think, but more on that later.  First, I got to attend the "Taste of Place" event put on by the Demeter Trade association, a group of passionate, talented individuals working collectively to raise the awareness, help educate and actively encourage the use of Biodynamic practices in agriculture and commerce.  Coming out of the work of Rudolf Stein as early as the '20s, Biodynamic practices are coming even more to the forefront as we all move toward more sustainable practices in our daily lives.  What I learned is that there is a whole lot I do not know about Biodynamic, including "why the horn?" 

However, the produce was delicious and the amazing cheese (Devil's Gulch, Tatanaise and Sonoma Gold) a bonus. 
 I did learn that the "practice of Biodynamic agriculture includes:

  • Managing the whole farm as a living organism
  • Maintenance of a healthy and diverse ecosytem: an expectation that the farmer supports a broad ecological perspective, which includes not only the earth, but as well the cosmic influences and rhythms of which the earth is a part.
  • Nutrient self sufficiency and soil husbandry; use of Biodynamic preparations to build soil health through enlivened compost and to stimulate plant health
  • Integration of livestock with a requirement that 80% of the livestock feed comes from the farm(some horticultural operations may be excused from this, but Tortilla, the Quivira Grenache goat thinks it is a fine, fine notion)
  • Since 1992 Demeter has prohibited the use of genetcially engineered plant materials and organisms"
I also tried some very nice Biodynamic wine:

Quivira Grenache: Dark, lovely wine that tasted like Summer
Benzinger Tribute: Young, strapping Cabernet Sauvignon and other red variety blend
Deep Red: Barrel Samples of '07 vs. '06
Radio Coteau: Delectable Pinot Noir of surpassing delight

Bonny Doon: Finally I tracked down the Albarino

Peak Spirits: Biodynamic Grappa that packed a punch of Chardonnay

Oh and the cougar part?  So, Michelle and I were having a "discussion"  about some of the younger wines, with me perceiving them as drinkable now, while she preferred/yearned for/was set on waiting for them to get beyond mature to well, kinda old.  I like young wine.  So I told her if that makes me a Wine Cougar, rowwwr.  And I changed her name to Anna Nicole.  But we both agreed on this: It was wonderful to see and hear the stories and the dedication of the wine makers to this interesting discipline.


The Glamorous Gourmet said...

Thanks for sharing the info on biodynamic wines -those goats are so cute! The wines you tried sounded great as well - love the Wine Cougar title. Too cute!

BrixChicks_Liza said...

Stephanie--- My thanks are to you for reading! ANd ROWWRRRR!!!! ;)

Jainomo said...

wine cougar ... hilarious!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Jainomo! And Rowwr, Kitten. Rowwr!

Anonymous said...

Wine cougar - love it!!! However, I think you'd have to call me Anna Nicole as I definitely like my wines with a bit of age, esp those Bordeaux! Great post, guest little goats and interesting to see what's going on biodynamically in CA. Cheers!