12 June, 2009

Hip hop, leftovers and a lot of swishing going on... WBW#58

It was Wednesday and the Brixchicks gathered to ponder, ' the effect of music on the enjoyment of wine'. Everyone arrived at my house armed with their own personal (dirty pleasure) collection of favorites on our personal devices. I love shuffling through my iPod and accepting whatever is selected from my eclectic collection of music. Usually the Brixchicks enjoy our wine with food, but in the interest of discovery we savored our wine sans food. I am always searching for a crisp refreshing dry white wine and the 2008 Drylands Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc delighted my eyes, nose, mouth and groove. This New Zealand beauty has a clear straw color and lots of exotic aromas that hint of passion fruit, grapefruit and a touch of Kiwi. The taste delivered a green earthy note with a complex and balanced finish. When I shuffled my iPod, I was rewarded with Justin Timberlake singing about cheating couples ... I didn't feel cheated. 'What goes around comes back around' - please pour more Drylands Sauvignon Blanc... with food this time. Even though my tongue loved the taste of the wine my ears added a new level to my enjoyment. There was a bit of hip swaying going on while we swished our delightful wine. As expected this wine also delivered a nice pairing with our chicken and roasted potatoes. Next we are taking this show on the road ... New Zealand eastern islands is on the tour.

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Alan @ MutineerMag said...

This WBW was RAD. Justin Timberlake + wine = "the babymaker". Booya, that just happened.